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ChiroFIT Chiropractic | What Our Patients Say
We are PROUD of our patients and the progress they make while under our care.
There’s nothing we enjoy more than CELEBRATING our patients’ successes along with them.
We want you to be sure you’re making the right choice.
Review a selection of ChiroFIT Chiropractic video testimonials below and please call us or email us your questions!

What Our Patients Say..

  • Dr. Lee’s Gun Sha skill is extremely good. It is very rare to see in Portland area. After every treatment, I always get instance relieve on my back and muscle pain. Combine with his top notch chiropractic and Gua Sha treatments, I can definitely feel that I am in a much better shape than before seeing him.

  • Dr. Lee really tries to to solve the patient’s problem not only the symptoms. He can achieve that by different techniques. He is very knowledgable and effective with this holistic approach which I appreciate. I definitely recommend him.

    Lucy B.
  • Dr. Lee really help with my frozen shoulder issue.  When I first visited with Dr. Lee, I barely can raise my arm and now I am able to reach top shelf of my cabinet. Dr. Lee is very helpful and careful with my treatment to make sure we are not over working my bad shoulder. Dr. Lee is very helpful and pays attention to what will help with my frozen shoulder condition. I highly recommend him.

    I H.
  • Dr. Lee is very well schooled and talented in determining why I am sore and restricted. After a chronic hip tightness for several years seeing Dr Lee has been a great help in reducing pain and tightness. He is able to look at the upstream and downstream muscles and tissues to find tightness I did not know existed.

    Chris D.
  • Dr. Lee is the only Chiropractor/FIT I have ever had  that spends such an intensive amount of time treating my upper back and neck pain with hands-on and instructions. He genuinely cares about his patients like family. I highly recommend him.

    Joyce S.
  • I had a shoulder issue from weightlifting, and Dr. Lee not only gave me great treatment for it, but also phenomenal advice for what i should be doing in order to avoid injury during exercise.

    BeomSu P.
  • In the few short weeks I’ve been receiving treatment from Dr. Lee I’ve seen a marked improvement in my back in muscular stiffness, posture and flexibility. I highly recommend! Especially the F.I.T. Treatment!

    Conte B.
  • After going through soft tissue treatments, my shoulder and lower back, both had improved mobility and I felt a lot stronger throughout each movement. After getting soft tissue work done he thoroughly adjusted my back. Dr. Lee explained every step along the way why he’s doing it, what he’s doing, what happens if he does it.
    I feel great and my body has become a lot more fluid and loose.

    Brandon Kim
  • I had terrible pain on my lower back for long time, and got treatments from many other doctors but it did not work. Then my mom recommended to go to meet Dr.Lee. He diagnosed my problem very carefully, gave few treatment, and it works right away! Weeks later I’m so much better than before. He is great doctor, and I’m strongly recommend him!

    Julie P.
  • I first came to Dr Lee with back and shoulder pain, with limited range of motion. My shoulders and traps were uneven because of weak rhomboid muscles. He has helped me get my shoulders back to very close to even and has given me stretches and workouts to help my rhomboid and rest of my back/chest area and it is working really well after only a couple visits.

    Clayton Morse
  • Dr. Lee is not just a very good doctor, he also cares about his patients a lot. It feels like family when I visit his office.

  • …after only a few visits, felt a significant change for the better in my wrist. I was a bit blown away.
    Need to visit him first!

    Chan Lee
  • He realized what the real issue was almost right away and the healing began.
    Highly recommend you come and visit if you need any chiropractic treatment.

    Grace L